Special Education Developmental Cognitive Disabilities Program
Miss Laurie Frey
Special Education Room #W108
Telephone:  (507) 346-7276 ext. 3104

This program encompasses instruction in a variety of areas, including working toward meeting the goals and objectives of each student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP).
Academic Support - Assist students with completion of their general education assignments and provide strategies to improve academic independence.
Academic Instruction - Help the student improve their ability to read, write, perform mathematical exercises at their individual academic level.
Life Skills - Instructional areas may  include cooking, grooming, functional skills such as telling time and money usage, and positive social interactions.
Work Skills - Teaching of skills needed for job acquisition and job retention.
Transition Skills - Promote student awareness of post-secondary opportunities including education, employment, community participation, home living, recreation and leisure activities. 
Supplies – Students are expected to have pencils, blue ink pens, an eraser and other necessary supplies to complete their tasks appropriately.  It is suggested that the student have a pencil case for the above mentioned small items.  It is also suggested that the student has a color coordinated single subject spiral notebook and a two pocket folder (no prongs) for each regular education class.   Refer to the syllabus for each regular education class for specific additional supplies needed.   
Classroom Rules -   Be on task.  Be respectful.  Do not chew gum.  No food or beverages (unless shared by all).  Water is OK.  No jackets or outerwear in class.  (Sweatshirts are OK).  No talking if someone is on the telephone or if announcements are being made.  (Emergencies are the exception). Follow the rules in the KHS Student Handbook.