Jr. Knightettes Dance!

Head Coach- Alex Gleason

Assistant Coach- Stephanie Hershberger

For Whom: All Dancers PreK through 6th Grade

First Practice: Thursday, September 14, 2017

Where: Kingsland District Conference Room

Registration Fee for New Dancers to the program:
$10.00 before 5/31/2017,  $15.00 after 5/31/2017.

**If you danced for the Jr. Knightettes in 2016-17, registration fee is $5.00.


Classes will be held on Thursdays in the District Conference Room and Times are as follows:


PreK - 1st Grade


2nd - 3rd Grade


4th - 6th Grade


If you can not attend and are interested in joining, email

Alex Gleason:

Dance Recitals for the 2017-18 year will be held on:
Sunday, January 14th & Saturday, May 12th

Sporting Event Performances:
Football Game- Wednesday, October 18th
Basketball Game- Friday, January 19th


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2017 Summer Dance Camp
Jr. Knightettes 2017-18 Registration
PreK-1 Uniform
2-3 Grade Uniform
4-6 Grade Uniforms