Q1 Revoking Existing Referendum
Revenue Authorization;
Approving New Authorization
Q2 Approval of School District 
Bond Issue for Betterment of
School Facilities
The board of Independent School District No. 2137 
(Kingsland Public Schools) has proposed to revoke the school district’s existing referendum revenue authorization of $427.82 per pupil and to replace that authorization with a new authorization of $760 per pupil. The proposed new referendum revenue authorization would increase each year by the rate of inflation and be applicable for ten years, unless otherwise revoked or reduced as provided by law.
  Authorization to issue its general obligation school building bonds in an amount not to exceed $13,715,000 to provide funds for the acquisition and betterment of school sites and facilities, including the construction and equipping of a new gymnasium and performing arts center addition, an early childhood center addition, and an alternative learning center addition at the Spring Valley campus: the remodeling, repair, renovation, re-equipping, and upgrading of the Spring Valley school site and facility; the decommissioning of the Wykoff facility; and the acquisition of furniture and equipment for use in school facilities?
In 2016, the Kingsland School Board formed a Community Facility Committee to address current and future
facility needs. The committee consisted of one community member from Spring Valley, one community member
from Wykoff, two school board members, two administrators, one elementary staff member, one intermediate
staff member, and one high school staff member. The committee’s charge from the School Board was to
analyze three options:

Option #1Single Site
Option #2Maintenance Only at Spring Valley and Wykoff Facilities
Option #3Remove Costly Areas at Wykoff, New Additions at Wykoff,
                      Maintenance Only at Spring Valley

The Community Facility Committee utilized a Facility Assessment Survey completed in July 2015 that identified
deficiencies and maintenance items at the Spring Valley and Wykoff facilities. In addition, an architect and construction manager completed a facilities and space analysis study in May 2016 at both facilities. The Committee
found that the projected operating costs for a single site at Spring Valley would be less than two-thirds of the
projected operating costs of two facilities.

Option #1Single Site (additional $8,600 operating cost above current costs)
Option #2 Maintenance Only at Spring Valley and Wykoff Facilities
                      (additional $397,000 operating cost above current costs)

Option #3Remove Costly Areas at Wykoff, New Additions at Wykoff, Maintenance Only at 
                      Spring Valley (additional $375,000 operating cost above current costs)

As a result, the School Board approved Option #1 for a consolidated solution that would expand and renovate
the Spring Valley facility and include a new 2-court gymnasium/performing arts center addition, an early childhood addition, and a new alternative learning center . This option would also involve decommissioning the existing Wykoff school.

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