Flexible Learning Day

During Snow days this year our district will be utilizing a Flexible Learning Day to show that learning can take place at anytime and in any situation.  The following are options that each student can choose from to receive credit for that days PE class.

All written summaries should be shared with Mr. Vetter through Google Docs -

Option 1:
Summary of Sports article found on ESPN's FiveThirtyEight. The summary needs to be a 1/2 page to a full page, summarizing what the article is about and any important information presented in it along with your thoughts on the article.

Link: http://fivethirtyeight.com/sports/

Option 2:
Watch a sporting event present or historical and write 1/2 page to a page summary.  The summary should include the purpose of the game (i.e. regular season, postseason), which teams are playing, what did you find interesting about the game, and any situational tactics that you agreed with or didn't agree with

Option 3:
Using youtube, look up a previous Worlds Strongest Man Competition and give a description of each event the athletes participated in and what muscle groups the activity was testing.  In your description you will need to list weights and what the winning score or time was and by who.

Option 4:
Students can be physically active for 40 minutes. Fill out a PE Make-up form with what your activity was

Google Form Check-In