7th Grade -  TAKE NOTES on chapter 4 of ACROSS FIVE APRILS - Chapters 3 and 4 should be your OWN attempt at taking notes.  Follow the pattern and do your best.  Also, read pages 65 - 75 in CHAPTER 5 of ACROSS FIVE APRILS - You may take notes if you choose.  (Quiz on this section on Monday???) 

8th Grade - Read CHAPTERS 11 and 12 in our novel, ONE MORE RIVER.  Take NOTES also.  

10th Grade - Go through the PPT you downloaded in class - "Writing and Research in the Digital Age." It was also sent to you via email.  You may take notes if you like. Also, complete the Level Up: Navigating and Evaluating Web Sites" on p. 1320 of your textbook. (The PPT can be found on that page also.) If you were one of the students gone on the field trip on Thursday, get that make up work done as well.  Questions?  Send me an email.