7th Grade American history:
Read Chapter 17 (4) The Strain of War:  
From your ConnectEd textbook, do the lesson 4 self-quiz and send the results to me.  I have a copy of the questions from the lesson 4 self-quiz on my school website.

9th Grade Geography:

Continue to work on the Multinational Corporation Project.  This project is due class time on Monday 

10th Grade American history:
Identify each acronym and explain the function of the following agencies from the 1930s:  20 pts

1) CCC                                                           
3) WPA
4) TVA
5) SEC
6) SSA
7) REA
8) PWA
10) AAA 
Continue to work on Decades.  Next bench mark is March 9 (Draft of written report on Sections B, C) and booth, side-booth design needs to be completed.

All classes:
Share your answers with me via EMAIL, a SHARED GOOGLE DOC.  
If you can't access your textbook, bring in your answers on Monday.