Tuesday, February 20, 2018

7th Grade American history: 
Complete for Flex Learning Day:     20 pts   Due before class on Wed
There are two people from Day 1 of the Battle of Gettysburg that I want you to look up and to write a paragraph:
1) Explain what Union Gen. John Buford did that helped the Union Army. (10 pts)
2) Explain how Confederate Gen. Richard Ewell may have hurt the Confederate Army. (10 pts)


9th Grade Geography:
Complete for Fex Learning Day
Multinational Corporations (MNC):
A company operating in several countries, but managed from one (home) country. Generally, any company or group that derives a quarter of its revenue from operations outside of its home country is considered a multinational corporation.
Example:  McDonalds, Toyota, IBM, Kraft Foods

For Multinational Companies20 pts  Due before class on Wed
a) Make a list of four positives and explain how each is a positive for that host or home country. (10 pts)
b) Make a list of four negatives and explain how it is a negative for that host or home country. (10 pts)

May not use my example:
Example:  Positive - MNC's can provide jobs for the host that may have high unemployment
                Negative - MNC's can cause a loss of jobs for the home country as jobs are moved out to the host
                                 country because of cheap labor.

10th Grade American history:
Ch. 19 Test (FDR-New Deal-1930's Posters) will be on Thursday.

Work on your 4 famous people information which is due on Thursday.  Each of the 4 people need to have  a paragraph on why this person was famous during your decade.

Complete for the Flex Learning Day:  20 points          Due before class on Wed  
a) Pick two agencies created during New Deal and explain their impact on the American economy. (10 pts)
b) Explain with some detail one misstep by President Roosevelt during the 1930s and what problem did it cause.
     (10 pts)

7th/9th/10th grade classes:
Share your answers with me via EMAIL, a SHARED GOOGLE DOC.