Kingsland Flexible Learning Day :)

Contact:           I am available via email on these days from 8:30 a.m-3:00 p.m.

Goal: To reinforce learning concepts from school to home on the event of a snow day.

Reading;    Read your A.R. Book for 30 minutes.
                   Write down the pages you read, also story elements below.
                    1. Characters
                    2. Setting
                    3. Conflicts
                   Read to your sibling or guardian for 10 minutes. 

Math:       Practice your multiplication facts for 10 minutes each.
                 Practice your division facts for 10 minutes each.
                 Practice your addition facts for 5 minutes. 
                 Write, solve and check 5 multiplication and 5 division problems.

Science:   Write down 5 living and 5 non living things at your house.
                  Draw 3 push/pull forces outside.
                  Write down an example for each simple machine.
                List two examples of potential energy
                List two examples of kinetic energy.
                Write down two things at your house that uses electrical energy. 



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