Technology Integration Specialist

"Putting out fires"
Hello, my name is Maranda Emig and I've been the Technology Integration Specialist at Kingsland Public Schools for a couple of years now.  I have a passion for training teachers and students how to use technology to make learning interesting and most of all FUN!  My motto is "Use the right tool at the right time."

I grew up in Wykoff, MN and am a graduate of Kingsland Public Schools.  My two children also attend Kingsland.   A Fun Fact about me is I remember voting for the name, colors, and mascot when the schools combined.  You can do the math on how long ago that was.  I have my Bachelors degree in Information Technology and love learning new technology by just "playing" with it.

If you have questions please contact me at my email address or you can check out our Tech Training web page where many parent and teacher questions have been answered.