Title students and parents,
Happy Flexible Learning Day! Today is a black day in our schedule. 

If you see me for Reading:
  • Kindergarten
    • Read, read, read from the books in your book bag. 
    • Practice the letters: g, j, w, y. Say the letter name and the sound it makes. 
  • First grade
    • Read, read, read for Action 100. 
    • Have a power word scavenger hunt. Write down your power words on small pieces of paper and hide them. When you find a word, read it aloud.
    • You can go to my Student Resources tab to print out some power words. 
  • Third grade
    • Read, read, read for Action 100.
    • If your power goal is to focus on word endings, make a list of words that end in -s or -es. 
    • If your power goal is to focus on double consonant sounds (ex: batter), create a list of words with two consonants next to eachother. 
  • Fourth grade
    • Read, read, read for Action 100. 
    • Check out the story Say Hello to the Giant Gorilla under my Student Resources tab or in my room on Friday. 
If you see me for Math:
  • Kindergarten
    • Practice tracing, writing, and counting your numbers (1-30).
    • Create a pattern by drawing a picture using shapes or putting objects you find around your house in a row. ​​​
  • First grade
    • Practice addition and subtraction problems. 
    • You can click on my Student Resources tab for ideas. 
  • Fourth grade
    • Check out the website www.freerice.com
    • Click on SUBJECTS at the top. Go to Math. Click on Multiplication Table and play the game. 
  • Fifth grade
  • Sixth grade 
    • ​​​​​​​Complete your next lesson on MobyMax. 
    • See my Student Resources tab for additional review problems. 

Now rest up, stay warm, and enjoy this opportunity to learn from home.