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Dear Knights,

For the past 6 years I have occupied the roles of both 9-12 English teacher and athletic coach in a rural Iowan community just south of the Minnesota border. Wearing many hats beyond the call of those positions, I quickly came to know that was the natural order of things: where you're needed is where you go. It was because of that hardworking, disciplined, 'do more than is necessary' attitude of the people I collaborated with in my first teaching experience that I wanted to be part of something similar in my following venture. 

So with that, it is my pleasure and privilege to begin serving you and the Kingsland community as your Activities Director.

Laurie Hendrickson has been a wealth of knowledge to this point and we will continue to collaborate moving forward so as to provide the smoothest, fullest student experiences possible during this transition. We both ask for your patience and understanding along the way. Any imperfections from my office going forward will surely not have been made with ill intent. Please email if in need of support.

It is my goal to supplement the current Knights culture in such a way that excites those currently involved and those formerly not. Together we will advance, donning the silver and black with pride. 


Lee Gealow, Activities Director

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