Welcome to 207 - The Home of Ms. Derby 


I am glad to have you here! You will be glad to be here too, especially if we all understand the ground rules!  Most importantly,



That’s all there is to it, for the most part.  Here are the specifics:

1.   Be on time!  Attendance is taken at the BEGINNING of each class.  If you are not in the classroom, you will be marked tardy.  In order for the tardy to be excused, you must have a pass from a staff member! 

2.   Do not interrupt.  Throw your garbage away before or after class.  Rudeness is not allowed during a presentation or an oral reading!

3.   Sit in your desks—not on them or under them!  Use the chairs in the manner for which they were designed.  My chair, desk, computer, and phone are OFF LIMITS unless permission is asked for and granted.

4.   Do your share. The harder you work, the better your grade. Turn your work in ON TIME! All missing work in the gradebook will be given a zero until the work is turned in.  Students who want those zeroes replaced with scores will need to do the work. ACADEMIC DISHONESTY and CHEATING will also earn you a zero in the gradebook.

5.   Be here!  Your presence in class is very important!  After an EXCUSED absence—you have TWO days to turn in your work without penalty!  Be aware, these days go by quickly.  Don’t wait to reschedule that test! I will not be following you around to remind you. You were absent, you come see me.

6.   If your absence was UNexcused—make up work is not allowed and zeros will be placed in the gradebook!  

7.   Make-up work for EXCUSED absences may be completed with me before school or after school, or on your own time. If you work with me, you have my assistance!  Make arrangements with me OUTIDE of class time. If you don’t come find me outside of class time to get your make up work, you are choosing to earn a zero on that assignment.  Do not ask me about make up work in the middle of class.  Be sure to consult my webpage when you have been absent. 

8.   Take the pass sitting on the chalk tray by door when leaving the classroom.  Only ONE student absent from the classroom at a time.  If the pass is gone, wait for it.  Be cautious and careful about leaving the room. Don't miss a quiz! If a student is gone beyond a reasonable time, I report that student with tardy or absent.

9. WATER is the only beverage allowed in class.

The grading scale is as follows:

96% and above -----------------------  A

90% to 95%----------------------------  A-

87% to 89%----------------------------  B+

83% to 86%----------------------------  B

80% to 82%----------------------------  B-

77% to 79%----------------------------  C+

73% to 76%----------------------------  C

70% to 72%----------------------------  C-

67% to 69%----------------------------  D+

63% to 66%----------------------------  D

60% to 62%----------------------------  D-

                        Anything below 60% will require the issuance of an NC (No Credit)


There is a “Student Friendly” section in my room. If these items are not used appropriately—they will be removed. Treat them with kindness! In that area students will find:
*  paper                        * gluesticks                   * scissors                  * crayons
*  colored pencils         * markers                      *  rulers                    * paper


Remember to be polite!  Do not say or do anything that might make another person feel uncomfortable!  I am very comfortable in the classroom and I want you to feel the same way!  Ask appropriate questions and ask them often!  Here are a few phrases that will NOT be tolerated:
“Shut up.”    “This is gay.”     "That's  retarded!"    “That sucks.”


 These kinds of statements are rude and inappropriate!

I love teaching because the students teach me new things as well!  Let's get ready to learn together and have a great semester! Let's STRIVE for EXCELLENCE!