Advisory Board
Purpose: To advise on issues impacting the Kingsland Agricultural Department and Spring Valley Wykoff FFA to ensure:
1) All activities are consistent with industry needs.
2) All activities are available to all members.
3) All activities are conducted openly, fairly and in a quality manner.
4) Cooperation among various activities occurs, to the degree possible, to promote the interconnectedness of agriculture (i.e. forestry and agricultural mechanics or farm business management and dairy or livestock) and agricultural education (classroom, SAE, FFA).
5) New and innovative activities are being put forward for consideration.
6) As many students as possible have the opportunity to participate.
7) A constant process of local advisor in-service on proper use of these activities as tools for learning is being championed.
8) All activities are operated consistently with Advisory Council policy.
9) Activities are conducted within available budgets approved by the FFA Advisory Council.

The Kingsland Advisory Council is a committee made up of nine members from the community. Along with providing advice on important issues, the Board also discusses the past year’s events, how to advance their association in the future, and address the suggestions and concerns brought up by agricultural teachers and other leaders of agriculture.

Committee Members:
Greg D., Chair
Janet K., Secretary
Sue K.
Steve K.
Chad H.
Nathan H.
Matt S.
Jeff T.
Janice K.