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Welcome to Fifth Grade!

I am excited about beginning another year of school. I hope it is a good one for all of us. In all of my years of teaching, one common theme I have heard over and over again is this: It takes a triangle of support to ensure the success of a child's education. Another words, it takes your child, you, and me to successfully educate your child. As the year goes on, please support Kingsland's effort to educate your child. This can be done by encouraging your child to do their best in school, guiding them through the homework process, speaking positively about our schools in front of your child, and trying to keep a routine that allows your child to get enough sleep each school night, etc.
As a parent of former school age children, I understand how hectic life can get. It is not always easy to get through the week without some setbacks. But in the end, the big picture we want to see is an effort made by all of us to help your child be a successful student.

Book Reports 2017 - 2018

Fifth grade students will be required to read and report on a minimum of three books per quarter. We will try to have at least 30 minutes of silent reading time every day so students will be able to read some in class. Please know students will also be required to read outside of school time too. On any given day you should be able to discuss the book your child has chosen to read. Ask them what they are reading for Action 100. Have them tell you what it is about, who the characters are, their opinion of the book, etc. This will encourage them to think about their books.

Below is an outline of the reports they must follow. These can be completed in any order, with the majority of work done independently.
1. Book talk: The student must get in front of the class and tell us about the book they've read. I have a form to help them organize their thoughts. The student must practice before they give their book talk to the class.
2. Written Report: Students will be required to write a report in paragraph form about the book. Again, I have a form for them to use to help organize their thoughts. We have done one together, so they should know what is expected.
3. Their Choice: The student can choose to "create" a book report. Ideas we have talked about in class for this include: a power point presentation, a poster, a mobile, a puzzle, etc. I am open to creativity, but their project should include details that show me they read the book.  Detail examples should/could include:  title and author, setting, characters, 

The dates these reports are due are:
Quarter 1:  October 3, October 26,
   (Our third report will be the written report that the class will do together.)
Quarter 2: November 21,  December 20, and January 17.
Quarter 3: February 13, March 7, and March 27.
Quarter 4: April 17, May 10, and May 29.


We will continue to use the planners in fifth grade. They will be one more tool in helping us keep communication open and available. The first night the planners will be sent home will be Monday, Sept. 11.  Please look at them, and try to get in the habit of asking questions about their day.  We also ask you to get them signed each night.

Math Wizards

The 2017 - 2018 season will be approaching soon. Math Wizards is a fifth and sixth grade program that some of our higher level students participate in. It is a school program that runs from December-early March. These students compete with other fifth graders from various schools in the SE Minnesota area. The competition covers speed, individual, and team tests that included a wide array of math concepts. This year our competitions are at Kingsland, Spring Grove, and Chatfield.