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Our mission is to provide guidance and support to our Student-Athletes in order to help them develop their individual skill and understanding of team concepts while learning important life skills in the process. We will strive to ingrain in our Student-Athletes the importance of their education, sportsmanship, integrity, communication and perseverance.

As a program we will live by the motto - TST (Tough - Smart - Together)  These are the three things we can control as a team when we step on the floor for a game or practice.  All of our Student-Athletes will be expected to fill a role that will help in building a successful program and successful teams but also in having a successful season. Each game will be evaluated based on how well we controlled these three area's - not on wins or losses. It is our belief as a coaching staff that if we as a team strive to fulfill this mission we will see success both on the court and off.

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