Dear Parents,

To encourage student responsibility in the classroom as well as improve communication between student, teacher, and parents, I am sending home our new behavior management plan.  I am implementing a behavior management system using a green, yellow, orange, and red card program

If a student chooses not to make a good choice, following KHFOOTY, and/or keep it kind, the following consequences will happen:

1st violation

verbal warning


2nd violation

switch from green to yellow card

Lose 5 DoJo points

3rd violation

switch from yellow to orange card

Lose 10 DoJo Points

4th violation

switch from orange to red card

Lose all DoJo Points


Please note that acts of violence, foul language, and threats will not be tolerated.  Students choosing to act in such a manner will immediately be referred to Mr. Klavetter.


Points will be added or deleted at the end of every day. 

As partners in your child’s education, our goal is to make sure your child is engaged in learning and working to the best of his/her ability.  Hopefully we can pinpoint the problem area(s) and work for improvement before it hinders the students’ performance.   Thank you for your cooperation.  I appreciate your help and support.  It does make a difference. 





Angela Forland