First Grade Behavior Expectations
  1. KHFOOTY​ (Keep your Hands Feet and Other Objects To Yourself). 
  1. Keep It kindWe will use respectful language to our teachers and classmates.  If you accidentally hurt someone, check to make sure that person is okay and then apologize.  If you hurt someone’s feelings, you need to apologize and say how you will fix the problem.
  1. Work At It. Our goal is to learn and have fun while we do it.  In order to strengthen our brain, we need to ask questions, participate, work hard, and keep learning.  
If a student does not follow one of these expectations, he/she may:
  • have a private conference with Mrs. Holmen
  • develop a Fix-It Plan during recess, free choice, or specialist times
Note:  Major behaviors will be reported to families within 24 hours.