This is my second year teaching biology for Kingsland. I have taught at environmental education schools in Wisconsin and California, worked with 4H and AmeriCorps, as well as substituting and as a paraprofessional in Winona, MN. I grew up in Rochester and went to Mayo High School and have an undergrad degree from Steven's Point in Wisconsin in Wildlife Management and Environmental Law Enforcement (I used to be a park ranger) and I got my Masters in Instruction and my teaching certification from Saint Mary's University in Winona. Here at Kingsland I teach 7th life science, 10th grade biology, Principles of Biomedical Science (Project Lead the Way), Human Body Systems (Project Lead the Way), Botany (1st Semester), and Zoology (2nd semester).

I can be best contacted by email at . I can also be contacted by phone at (507)346-7276 x3120. I will respond as quick as I can and within 48 hours (not counting weekends). If you need to contact me by phone please call during my prep Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday 8:52-10:04 or Wednesdays  from 9:34-10:12, or preferably after school until 3:30.

Mr. Geer's class schedule
Period 1: 10th Grade Biology
Period 2: Prep
Period 3: 7th Grade Life Science
Period 4: 7th Grade Life Science
Period 5: PLTW Human Body Systems
Period 6: PLTW Principles of Biomedical Research
Period 7: Botany/Zoology

Contact: Mr. Geer