Students are expected to be responsible, respectful, and ready to learn at all times. We will talk about what this means, and what this looks like. 

Class Rules:
Be Kind
Be Responsible
Ask Questions

Individual Discipline Policy:
This year I will be using logical consequences for students. This means that the misbehavior will be related to the consequence. For example, if a students throws something they will pick up the classroom floor. If the behavior continues to be problem, students will need to come up with a fix-it plan that will need to be singed by you. If their behavior continues, you and I will work together to come up with a solution.

Bullying, violence, fighting, ect. Will result in immediate office referral.

Classroom Discipline Policy:
For every classroom misbehavior after the 1st redirection, the class will receive a letter.
When the letters hit N-O-O-N the class will come in for Recess and sit quietly.



 All students are expected to go straight to the cafeteria in the morning until 7:55.

If students arrive before 7:30 they will need to go to SACC.

Homework needs to be completed when your child gets to school. Incomplete homework will be done during recess.