Updated: April 3 (7:55 pm - JUST IN CASE - As of now, school is still ON and running TWO HOURS LATE.)

Today, you will use your online textbooks.  Login if you can.  If you cannot, USE the pages that will be sent via email.  You are going to take a look at some poetry.  It's the start of a new unit. 

You will read pages 554 and 555.  Write down the KEY TERMS and their DEFINITIONS on p. 554. They are
free verse, and
graphical elements. 

On p. 555, read the poem and answer the questions in the margin.  They are off to the right.  They are numbered 1, 2, and 3 and they are under the heading "Close Read." Bring your answers to class. See you soon!


8th Grade -  Continue the work on Paul Revere's ride.  The poem, a video, and the questions to answer are all posted on my website under the lesson plans for April 4.  There's even a youtube video you can watch/listen to if you need a refresher.  The pdf file has the poem and two worksheets with questions to answer.  No, you do not need to print out the worksheets, you can write your answers on your paper.  See you soon!


We are starting our POETRY UNIT today.  Look at pages 770 and 771 in the textbook.  LOGIN if you can, if you cannot, look for the pages via email from me.  Take notes on page 770 and 771.  Write down the following terms and their definitions: form, graphic elements, lines, stanzas, ode, speaker, and structure.  Look at the characteristics and the differences between TRADITIONAL and ORGANIC poetry.  On p. 771, read the two poems, and then answer the questions in the margin under the headings of "Close Read."  There are four questions. Bring them to class.  See you soon!