Monday, March 5, 2018
Flex Day Assignments:

7th Grade American history: 
Complete for Flex Learning Day:  15 pts    Due by class time Tuesday

 a) What was the Massachusetts 54th Infantry Regiment?  What was unique with the officers? (5 pts)
 b) Write a paragraph about the 54th Massachusetts Regiment attack on Fort Wagner and what happened. (10 pts)

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9th Grade Geography:
Complete for Flex Learning Day:   10 pts      Due by class time  Tuesday
Human-Environment Interaction is one of the 5 Themes of Geography discussed in class.
Environment sets limitations for cultural development, but it does not completely define culture.  People have the ability to adjust or modify their environment.  Main factors are members' needs and the technology available to them.
Example:  Ancient Egyptians built irrigation ditches to help water their crops.  In modern times, Egypt built dams to control the flood waters of the Nile River
a) Explain what the Netherlands have done to modify their environment and how that modification has allowed their
    country to literally grow in land size. (10 pts)

10th Grade American history:
Complete for Flex Learning Day

Work on Sections B,C for your Decades' Paper which is due Thursday

Complete for the Flex Learning Day:  16 points          Due by class time on Tuesday
a)  Explain the German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact? (4 pts)
b)  Give two reasons why the Germans agreed to it . (6 pts)
c)  Give two reasons why the Soviets agreed to it.  (6 pts)

7th/9th/10th grade classes:
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