Flexible Learning Day

In the event of a snow day or school cancelation, here is a link to a BINGO sheet where students can access their work for the day. They will also be given a "hard copy" in class. The work should take roughly an hour to two hours to complete.
There should be a SNOWY card link in Showbie already, but if you need it again, here's a way to attain it: 
  • Step 1: When students open the link to the BINGO sheet, they need to download the link.
  • Step 2: When the page is brought up, they should click the "Open in" button in the top left of the page.
  • Step 3: Then, they should choose the "Copy to Showbie" button. This is where students have the ability to write on the bingo card and parents have the ability to initial each activity completed. 
The rest of the directions are on the bingo card (SNOWY card).

Helpful Reminders:
  • Bring any completed work with you the next day of school.
  • If you took a picture of anything, have it on your iPad, in Padlet, or in Showbie.
  • Make sure there is a parent or guardian signature for each box completed.
  • A complete BINGO means 5 in a row (5 across, 5 up and down, or 5 diagonally).
  • Write neatly and put a good amount of effort into your work. This should be good quality work.



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