Greetings! Hopefully you're all safe and warm and enjoying the snowy weather. A space has been reserved for PLTW on each grade level's flexible learning day BINGO sheet. The tasks included are geared at supporting whichever unit we're working on in my class. 
These are some specifics you could work on during your day off:
Kindergarten: Try your best to draw a human skeleton! If your parents are available to help, you could look at a skeleton picture on your computer or iPad. Here's a link: (if you scroll down to the one that says Step 3, you could try that one) This picture doesn't show all 206 bones but it looks like a good start!

1st Grade: Play a fun coding game with someone in your family! Try this: just like you program Scratch Jr, try actually writing a line of code (or directions) for someone in your family. Example: try to write a line of code to direct your brother to his bedroom--take 2 steps forward, turn right, take 7 steps forward, etc.

2nd Grade: Make a plan to program Scratch Jr.: In this program you'll have to use the Wizard Character to make a Dragon Character disappear when you say the magic spell. You'll have to think about which commands you'll have to program. Bring your plan to school and we'll see if it works out when we program the Scratch app on the iPads. 

3rd Grade: Build a simple machine...OUT OF SNOW!  Make an inclined plane out of snow and roll a snowball down it! Or better yet, build a sturdy inclined plane at the bottom of your sledding hill and jump the ramp! Videos and pictures are encouraged if you're able to complete this assignment!

4th grade: Energy competition: Get 2 bowls of fresh snow and bring them inside. Leave one bowl on the table untouched. Take the other bowl and sprinkle some salt on in. Which type of energy will melt the snow faster? Thermal or chemical? 

5th Grade: If available do some research online and come up with a list of Communicable Diseases. 5 minimum. 

6th Grade: Google this question phrase: Most important inventions of all time. Be prepared to bring what you learned and discuss with the class!