Welcome to 5th Grade!
This will be a spectacular year! I’m excited to get to know your children and help them grow and succeed! Below is some information on what to expect this year.
Class Management Plan

Rules and Expectations

  1. Be on time, on task, and prepared to learn EVERDAY!
  2. Respect the teacher, the classroom, other students and yourself!
  3. Be responsible for your own learning!
  4. Listen and follow directions!
  5. Clean up after yourself and your peers!
  • Each student should come to class everyday prepared and ready to learn. Part of being prepared includes having the assignment completed and having everything they need for the lesson. They need to stay on task during a lesson and participate during class discussions or activities. They need to be prompt to class; tardiness will not be accepted. Last, but not least, they must be respectful. There is absolutely no bullying, fighting, arguing, or having an attitude my classroom. Positivity, using your manners, helping others, and being responsible are important characteristics to develop.
  • Whole Class:
    • When a majority of the class has made good choices, they will receive a "Knight Ticket" in the “Classroom Rewards” Jar. They earn a class reward when they reach 20 tickets.
    • Rewards include:
      • Extra Recess time
      • Dance Party
      • Pajama Day
      • Movie and Popcorn
      • Game Day
  • Individual:
    • Each student receives a "Super Star" punch card.
    • For students that make positive choices, they receive a punch on their punch card.
    • Rewards include:
      • Homework Pass
      • 5 Bonus Points
      • Listen to Music
      • Extra iPad Time
      • Choose your own seat
      • Prize Bin
      • Candy Bucket
    • School Wide PBIS: "SHINE Tickets"
      • Each week, the bucket of tickets it collected for a drawing. If they are drawn, they receive a prize.
  • Consequences:
    • Breaks a class rule:
      • First incident: The students receive one warning and are redirected if they are not following the rules.
      • Second incident: Students will receive a check.
        • Teacher will have a conference with the student(s) and decide on a logical consequence for their behavior that could include a loss of privilege, a time out, an apology, or etc.
      • Third incident: Students will receive another check.
        • Parents are notified via Infinite Campus, email, or phone call.
        • The student will also fill out a “Behavior Think Sheet” that will be sent home, parents will be asked to sign, and lastly the student will bring it back the next day.
      • Fourth incident: Office referral
        • Parents are notified via Infinite Campus, email, or phone call.
      • Some incidents will be two checks and office referral without a warning due to severe disruption, inappropriate language, physical violence, or destruction of property.
    • Late homework:
      • If the child has not completed their assigned homework on time, the consequence will be that they will have to sit in the a quiet location to finish it while we go over the homework as a class or they will lose the privilege of recess and have to complete the late work.
Class Information

Class Schedule:
  • Check on the teacher webpage for a copy of this.
  • Students will be assigned homework almost everyday. They should be recording it in their student planners daily.
    • We suggest that students be reading at home every night to improve their reading comprehension and fluency. 30 minutes a night is required for Action 100.
  • Please check and sign student planners nightly!
  • Attendance is an integral part of a child’s education. If a child is not at school then they miss out on important discussions and experiences that cannot be replicated. Tardiness can also affect your child’s education. Refer to the Parent Handbook on specific policies.
  • Within my classroom, I will give the student that was absent a "While You Were Out" sheet with what they missed and when it will be due. They are expected to complete everything on the sheet and show their teacher by the specified due date.
  • Students have iPads in the classroom. They are used daily and can be brought home after a certain amount of time. Please make sure they are brought to school and charged every day. 
    • We recommend it be charged if it's below 40%.
  • Students need to follow the iPad rules and use them responsibly. If those rules are not being followed at school, then they will be taken away.
  • If a student has a phone, I require it to be put away in their lockers and on silent during the school day. Their phone will be taken away for the day if it becomes an issue in the classroom.
Reading/Language Arts:
  • Book: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt- Journeys
  • Guided Reading
    • This program is divided into 5 units with five stories per unit.  In general, we will be doing a story per week with the selection test on Thursdays and the spelling test on Fridays.  The students will have access to the stories and spelling lists on their iPads.  We will spend the first few weeks getting them logged on so they will be able to log on at home provided you have internet access.
  • Our Reading/Language Arts block will consist of reading, spelling, grammar, and writing. 
  • Our reading program will also include several book reports throughout the year, as well as completing reading logs at home.
  • Action 100 is a new reading program we will be implementing this year. There will be more information to come on this.
  • A sheet will be given to each student before every Unit with a set of 5 lists.
  • There will be a test taken each Friday on the list. The lists will have a date of when the test will be.
  • Please keep these lists in a safe place.
Social Studies:
  • Book: myWorld Social Studies by Pearson.
  • 5th Grade Social Studies follows the history of America from the 1600’s to the 1800’s.
  • Homework will be limited, but there will be projects along the way.
  • Mrs. Applen will be teaching this subject.
  • Book: Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Science 
  • 5th Grade science covers Interactions in Ecosystems, Our Dynamic Earth, The Universe, and Weather Patterns. 
  • As well as the text book, we will be including other supplemental material and small projects.
  • Book: Math Expressions
  • There’s an online resource known as Think Central where the students can access their book and tutorials.
  • We will be focusing on data, decimal operations, adding and subtracting fractions, area, perimeter, volume, algebraic thinking, etc.
  • There will be a “Homework and Remembering” page sent home to finish on a regular basis. There will be some time in class to work on the homework.
    • The homework will be graded based on completion, quality, and if it was turned in on time.
  • Math Homework Rubric




    On Time

    The assignment was never turned in.

    The assignment was turned in late.

    The assignment was turned in when it was due.


    The assignment was not completed.

    The assignment was partly completed.

    The assignment was fully completed



    The student demonstrates little to no understanding of the assignment.

    The student demonstrates some understanding of the assignment.

    The student demonstrates a good understanding of the assignment.

Extra Credit:
  • Options may arise throughout the year. The teacher will let the students know about these opportunities.
  • Your child’s teacher will be Mr. Michenfelder. Refer to him for any questions regarding music.
  • Your child’s teacher will be Mr. Hogberg. Refer to him for any questions regarding band.
  • Your child’s teacher will be Mr. Schulz. Refer to him for any questions regarding PLTW.
Phys Ed:
  • Your child’s teacher will be Mr. Vetter. Refer to him for any questions regarding P.E.

*If you have any questions regarding this information, don't hesitate to contact me. My contact information is on the welcome page. Thanks!