Monday, 3/05/2018

Title students and parents, 
Happy Flexible Learning Day! Today is a black day in our schedule.

If you see me for Reading:

Please read for 30 minutes from your Action 100 books and practice your power goal. And...
  • Kindergarten: Practice sight words: he, she, four, and five
  • First: Write two sentences about one of your books. Underline any words you recognize as power words.
  • Third: Pick a spot in one of your books. Set a timer and read for one minute. Count the number of words you read in one minute and write it down. Practice reading that section aloud two times. Focus on:
    • Pausing at punctuation marks
    • Showing emotion while you read
  • Fourth: As you read, continue to add to your power goal list. Find your goal bellow:
    • Find words that end in -tion, -tial, or -tious. (ti makes the /sh/ sound)
    • Collect words that end in -s or -es
    • Collect three syllable words with "ie" in them 
If you see me for Math:
  • Kindergarten: Look for groups of 5 around your home. Do you see anything with five of the same object? Five windows, five drawers, five crayons, five toys, five shelves, etc. Make a list or draw a picture to show what you see. 
  • First: Brainstorm more items we could sell at our thrift shop. Draw a picture to show something worth 7 cents and something worth 12 cents. Draw the coins (pennies or nickels) that could be used to pay for that item. 
Grades 4, 5, and 6: Please complete your next MobyMax lesson under Math, and go to the following website for additional practice: 
We will meet tomorrow (Tuesday) in our groups and discuss what we've learned.
Thank you!