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Kingsland High School has much to celebrate!  We have blazed several new trails over the past several of years setting Kingsland apart from many in our region, and the journey continues.  Our academic offerings have provided a wealth of opportunities rarely afforded in schools our size.  We offer students the opportunity to earn a two year college degree without leaving the high school.  Imagine getting a high school diploma and a college degree at the same time!  In addition, we offer courses for students interested in the trades, such as welding and construction.  I challenge our parents and students to take full advantage of what we offer.  All too often I hear students and parents say to me, “I (they) just want to have an easy senior year.”  Going on to college or a career isn’t easy, so why under-prepare yourself?  Readiness is only achieved through hard work and constant preparedness.  Achieve to succeed!
Kingsland High School also compliments itself through fabulous extra-curricular activity offerings.  Along with our regiment of athletic opportunities, we offer dance, drama, art, yearbook, competitive trap shooting, choir, band, Knowledge Bowl, Spelling Bee and First Robotics.  Join us as we venture deeper into the challenges for the 21st Century learners.  Stay current by visiting our website at http://www.kingsland.k12.mn.us.

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