Flexible Learning Day

 Flexible Learning Day
 Pick a few activities from the Homework Binder to complete today.
There are many reading and math activities to choose from and most can be done independently.
A few ideas for the number and letter cards located in the binder. Practice putting number cards and letter cards in order.
Turn  cards over:
Pick a letter card: say the sound the letter makes, name 3 things that start with that letter.
Pick a card say the number, count objects to match the number
Other activities:
Practice putting number cards and letter cards in order (cards in binder)
Play outside (weather permitting)
Build with legos, blocks etc.
Draw (we have learned how to draw a reindeer this week)
Write words
Write a sentence
Find 2D shapes (make a list, draw them)
Rote count
Count objects
Read Action 100 Steps

If you have any questions I will be available by email through out the day.




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