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This year second grade students will be taking a weekly spelling test. Our focus will be modeling and practicing how to spell by pattern.

How does spelling by pattern work? Students will not be given their spelling words for the test. Instead they will be given a list of practice words to work on at home that lists words that are similar to the spelling test. The test will have the same skill for the week, but the words may have different beginnings or endings. The students will need to mentally use the skills from the week to write their words for the test.

For example:Short a and e
The practice list may look like this: cat fast mad task wet yelp vest
Then the test could look like this: 1. mat 2. last 3. sad 4. mask 5. bet 6. help 7. rest 8. net

Why are students not given the spelling words for the test? Research shows that students memorize the letter-by-letter spellings when they are given the test words to study throughout the week, and then they quickly forget how to spell these words in the near future. Spelling by pattern will better support students as they read and write unfamiliar words

Spelling City 
This website helps students practice the pattern this week and past spelling words. Students select the list they would like to use then work on activities to help them understand these words.

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