The start of the 20-21 school year will be a hybrid model in which not all students attend every day.  Half of the students (not doing distance learning) will come to school 2 days a week for face-to-face instruction while the other half is doing distance learning with specific expectations.   Here are some of the important things you will need to know for P.E and Health classes, as of now anyway.  There is always the possibility that things may change.  Please be patient with the process.  It is unchartered territory for all of us.  We will be doing our very best!!

1.  Google Classroom-  I will use Google Classroom with ALL of my classes.  Here are the codes for the specific classes so that students can get logged in:
A.  Period 2, Personal Fitness:   lwshnw6
B.  Period 3, PE 8:  x4dgora
C.  Period 5, Health 10:  5ztlf7x
D.  Period 6, PE 9:  czwzlgp
E.  Period 7, Health/PE 7:  odo5e63

2.  Attendance:  Students will be expected to attend class, whether it be in-person or virtual.  It will be difficult to Zoom into live PE classes being held outside and/or in the gym so I will be using Google Classroom to communicate with the students who have access to technology.  Those without access to technology will have arrangements made once school starts and I can visit with them in person.  Students may also want their own personal water bottle for class, especially PE.

3.  Masks.  Even though there will be opportunities for students to practice social distancing in PE, I still ask that they have a mask readily available.  I will use my best judgement and also confide with administration as to when students will be required to wear them.  

4.  Schedule.  My schedule and class period times are all available on my web site.  

5.  Expectations and Standards.  All of that information is also on this web site.  Just click on the button you are looking for.


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