Varsity Philosophy
            The philosophy for the Kingsland Knights Football Program is to compete at the highest level. We will play the 11 players on the field that give us the best chance to compete at a high level. Seniors and juniors will have the first opportunity to play. Sophomores and Ninth graders goal will be to develop and play specific position roles when deemed necessary at the varsity level. 
      The player’s safety and responsibility is our coaching staff’s primary responsibility. A player may increase their amount of playing time or contribution by participating in voluntary speed and strength sessions in the off seasons. This does not guarantee playing time, but will increase their playing possibility.

 Junior High Philosophy (7th and 8th Grade)
            Junior High Program Mission Statement:
Our mission is to develop a love of the game of football and develop fundamental skills.
Junior High Program Goals:  “Preparing for Tomorrow… Today!”
1)To have fun playing the game of football.
2)To build excitement in all players.
3)To build numbers to feed into the high school program.
4)To teach the fundamentals of football.
5)To implement the basic offensive and defensive philosophies of the high school program.
6)To give equal playing time to players to create depth.
7)To develop the right balance between academics and athletics
8)To display the right character in the classroom and on the field.
The Knight Way
I am Unselfish.
I am a Hard Worker.
I am Responsible.
I am Proud.
I am Strong.
I will Finish each play.

Kingsland Knights Football

Kingsland Football
  General Information
  • BE EARLY!  5 minutes early is 10 minutes late.Being on time is considered being late, being early is considered being on time. We will start on schedule, if you are late you're absent.
  • Players will address all adults as "Coach". When a question is asked promptly followed by the correct title from above. Calling coaches or adults by their first name is unacceptable.
  • All equipment problems will be dealt with immediately before practice.
  • Injured players are required to be at practice.
  • Keep the locker room clean! 
  • Players must communicate absences to Coach Stinson prior to being gone. Not all absences will be excused. If you are sick and stay home, your parents need to call Coach Stinson at (507) 429-9306 and leave him a message ahead of time.
  • We will follow the Minnesota State High School League Policy and Kingsland Handbook for academics and policies.
  • Being sent out of class----------you miss 1 quarter. Repeated Offense doubles penalty time.
  • Being suspended or fighting---------follow the School policy.
  • Hazing or disrespectful behavior-----suspended the next game and follows with MSHSL.
  • If you don't wear it in practice, you can't wear it in a game. 
  • Coach Stinson's Contact Information
Cell Phone = (507) 429-9306
Your character matters!
We will be charting opportunities to display character both on and off the field. Your football experience is a 24/7 commitment
Kingsland Football
Lettering Policy

Summer Wt. Room/Running Attendance-based on three times a week           _________(4)
Summer 70 % = 2 pts, 80 % = 3 pts, 90 % = 4 pts      
Attend KHS Football Camp                                                               _________(2)
Assist with Youth FB Camp (3 each)                                                 _________(6)
Spring Honor Roll A= 3 pts, B = 2 pts                                                            _________(3)
Co-Curricular Involvement Previous Year
Another Sport = 2 pt each
School Activities = 1 pt each
Starter O/D/ (1 Per Vars Game)                                                   _________(9)
Coaches Input
0-5 Based on level of commitment to the program                          _________(5)
1 point for each year of participating in the 9-12 program              __________(4)
Missed Practice (-1 Point Each)                                                         __________(?)
                                                20 Pts Needed to Letter Total             ___________
***Automatic Letter to all players on the varsity roster
if the team makes the SECTION FINALS.****
 Kingsland Football
General Information
Our team will be one of unity and integrity. We will show these through understanding of the school and MSHSL policies. Individuality is a positive and creative force that can and will be displayed amidst our team philosophy. However these are essential to our team unity and establishing our program on and off the field.
On and Off the Field
  • Players will treat authority figures with respect by using proper names, eye contact and titles such as Coach or Mr./Mrs. when responding to authority figure.
  • Players will express gratitude to peers and adults whenever possible.
  • Players will express enthusiasm and unity through "hands on hats, high fives, etc.
On the field
  • We will all look alike and play with team unity.
  • We will play with high character and demonstrate proper sportsmanship at all times.
  • Kingsland Football Program will respect officials, host sites and opposing fans at all times of the contest.

Captains: Will be voted on by the players. There will be four captains, the last will be announced after the 1st week of Summer Practice in August.
Academic Standards
Kingsland High School will be known for their commitment to academics. Athletics is a branch of the whole school atmosphere at school. The students will be tracked once a week during the season to maintain academic progress toward graduation. Academic sheets will be due Thursday of the game week after walk thru.
                The Kingsland Football program will demonstrate the right attitude and conduct toward academics. Students will be given time for academics over practice time. Players will make up conditioning and class work with coaching staff.
                                                               Parental Support/Policy
Be Involved, Be Positive.
Conduct yourselves in a respectful and disciplined manner. 
In collaboration with the school, Parents are the most influential part of a student athletes performance. 
My policy: Open Door Policy- The concern must follow the protocol put forth by the school conduct.
Handbook Policy
The information above is the outline for the Kingsland Football Program at Kingsland High School.  Please recognize the above information is the centerpiece on how we will build the program.  The student athlete and parents are an integral part of the puzzle. By signing below you are agreeing to the information provided above.