Early Childhood Screening

Early Childhood Screening is a quick and simple check of how your child is growing and developing.  Beginning at the age of 3, screening can detect possible health or learning concerns, so that children can get help before they start school.  Screening is free and all students age 3 and above must be screened once before entering kindergarten. 

Kingsland School District, in conjunction with Southern Minnesota Education Consortium, offers periodic screenings throughout the year. Early Childhood Screening takes approximately 60 minutes. About two weeks prior to your appointment you will receive paperwork in the mail or through you child's preschool folder. Forms should be filled out prior to screening and turned in when you arrive at your appointment. 

The next scheduled screening date is:  Monday, February 5, 2024
                                                        Tuesday, October 1, 2024
                                                        Wednesday, February 5, 2025

You can request an appointment by clicking on the "Request an Appointment" tab on the left or by emailing Alyssa Humpal at humpal.alyssa@kingsland2137.org ;

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