"For me, baseball is the most nourishing game outside of literature. They both are re-tellings of human experience."

                                                                                              -A Bartlett Giamatti


Hello! My name is Stacey Hogberg. This is my tenth year teaching of English; however, this is my 7th year at Kingsland. Also, I am the National Honor Society adviser.

A little bit about me: I grew up on a dairy farm near Elkader, Iowa, where I gained a strong work ethic by baling small-sqaure bales of hay and feeding calves and cows. I attended Central College in Pella, Iowa, (Go Dutch!) where I received a bachelor of arts degree in English in 2010. I taught two years in Iowa before becoming a part-time teacher at Chatfield. In 2013, I became a full-time teacher at Kingsland. I  graduated from Southern New Hampshire University in August of 2014 with a MA in English. I enjoy spending time with my family and watching many sporting events. My favorite teams include the Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Cubs, Minnesota Twins, and the Kingsland Knights. I love spending time with my family--especially my husband (Mr. Hogberg), and my two sons, Ezra (age 5) and Levi (age 3). 

2018-2019 Class Schedule

1) English 11 (American Literature)
2) Prep (9:12-10:04)
3) CIS Freshmen English: Composition 1 (Sem. 1) / Composition 2: Argumentative Writing (Sem. 2)
4) CIS Introduction to Literature (Sem. 1) American Lit. 2 (Sem 2)
5) English 9
6) English 12 (Brit. Lit.)
7) English 9

Contact Information
School Phone: (507) 346-7276 X3206
Google Voice for Flex/E-Learning Days: 
(507) 867-8483

If you have questions on your Flexible Learning Day assignments, you can email, text or call. My Google Voice number is (507) 867-8483 (You will be asked to give your name and then will be connected through Google Voice. This number will only be answered during regular school hours.)

*Email is my preferred method of communication

Class Updates/Lesson Plans
I post the lesson plans for the week by Sunday night. You can see them via Google Classroom. Email me if you would like an invite to access Google Classroom. You will receive an email update every week;however, ask your child to view the whole page because you don't have access to the specific Google Classroom page itself. 

Google Classroom
I use Google Classroom for having students access materials and participating in discussions and handing in projects. This is the main webpage that students will use in my classroom and where lessson plans can be found.

I am using remind.com this year. Students and parents can get a text with reminders on major assignments and homework. By the way, I will not have access to students' phone numbers. Students text a code to the remind.com's class name and I send out a mass text through the system. Email me if you would like to receive texts about assignments and homework.

Best Times to Contact Me
M-F from 7:30-8:30 AM, 9:00-10:00 AM, and 3:15-3:45 PM


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