Parents of incoming 7th graders who may become involved in Kingsland activities:
  • Baseline Concussion Testing: Monday, August 7th @ 4:00 PM
    • We will have our annual baseline concussion testing.  This is required for ALL football participants and anyone else who was diagnosed with a concussion during the 2022-2023 school year, including over the Summer.  This will take place at the High School.  Mark that on your calendars!
  • Fall PAC (Parent-Athlete-Coach) Meeting: Monday, August 7 @ 6:30 PM
    • This will take place in the high school cafeteria. Attendance is mandatory.  We want everyone to get the same information and be on the same page with our lines of communication regarding the policies in the Student Handbook and Activities Handbook.  Please mark this date on your calendar and plan to attend.  The student and one parent should attend.   We will have everyone who attends the PAC meeting August 7th sign in, and sign up who, for those who are unable to make it, we will have to set up a time to meet before practices start for your student to be able to start practice on day one.
  • Prior to your sport's August start date, you will need to do the online registration for your child’s activity.  They CANNOT practice at all until they are registered.  For that you go to the Kingsland School web page and click on “ACTIVITIES” then click on “ONLINE REGISTRATION-ATHLETICS/ACTIVITIES” then click on “REGISTRATION.”  There should be a dropdown that says “2023-2024 HS ATHLETIC REGISTRATION” click on that to get started.  If you have registered students in the past, you should already have a family account otherwise you will need to set up a new account.  The biggest issue I have run into is that people set up accounts then don’t remember their usernames and passwords, so please write them down and keep for future use.  Students must register for EVERY season during the school year if they play all 3 seasons – Fall, Winter, and Spring.  There is also a fee of $70 that gets paid every season.   
  • All 7th grade students need to have a physical on file before they are allowed to practice.  There are forms online for that or forms can be picked up in the high school office.  Don’t wait until the last moment to get those scheduled.  Physicals can be done at any time now and they are good for 3 years.  Normally physicals are required for grades 7 and 10 unless someone goes out for a sport for the first time after 7th grade.  Our local clinic usually offers discounted physicals for sports so be on the lookout for that.  The Minnesota State High School League has very strict rules regarding this so no physical, no practice at all!
  • I have listed the starting dates for practice below.  It is important to make your vacation plans in advance so that your child isn’t missing practices at the beginning of their seasons.  The Minnesota State High School League requires that a student have a certain number of practices in before they are allowed to compete.  It’s also difficult to make up what has been missed at those practices so please be aware of these dates:
    • Football starts conditioning on Monday, August 14th
    • Cross Country starts on Monday, August 14th
    • Volleyball starts on Monday, August 14th


Schedules for Fall seasons will be available at the PAC meeting in August. Varsity schedules are listed online now but lower levels will be available later on.  The PAC meeting will also cover rules and policies regarding activities.  Coaches will then meet with the players/parents for each specific activity. 


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