Kingsland Wall of Honor

The “Wall of Honor” was established to recognize former graduates who, upon graduating, has attained a high level of achievement in one of the following areas:  Personal and/or professional life, community contributions, or has demonstrated that education is a life-long experience.

Criteria for this award include having graduated from Kingsland, Spring Valley or Wykoff at least ten years prior. The honor may be awarded posthumously. 

The significance of the “Wall of Honor” is to show the foundation that public education has provided to our community and our democracy. The support of public education and Kingsland Public Schools is an investment that continues to benefit the community. “Wall of Honor” inductees will serve as role models for Kingsland students and encourage them to pursue high levels of achievement in their personal and professional lives, as well as promoting the ideals of contributing to the community and the focusing on education as a life-long experience.

Please use the form below to nominate an individual who you think is worthy of such recognition.

Download Printable Nomination Form


Wall Of Honor Inductees


Date Inducted
  October 3, 2008
  October 2, 2009
Terry M. Therneau   October 15, 2010
Dr. Henry Plummer   September 30, 2011
Donovan Frank   September  28, 2012
Mitch Lentz   September 27, 2013
Tom Healy   September 26, 2014
Karice Bezdicek Stern, MD   September 25, 2015
Edwin Julius Krueger   September 30, 2016
Wendell H. McKenzie   November 3, 2017
Sue Kolling    November 9, 2018
Gregory M. Davids  November 1, 2019



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