Frequently Asked Questions

What is an iPad?
- An iPad is a touch screen tablet computer that can be used for many things.  It is a cross between devices such as a smart phone, camera, and a laptop.  It is the Swiss Army knife of computerized devices.

Can I connect my child’s iPad to our home wireless network?
- Yes.  This is covered under section 3.6 of the Netbook/iPad Handbook.  iPads will not work with a Dial-Up connection.  Set-up depends on how you have your home wireless network set up, but here is a link to the basic set-up instructions. 

Will certain Internet sites be blocked from the device?
- When the iPad is at home, it will not be filtered and nothing will be blocked.  This is also covered under section 3.6 of the Netbook/iPad Handbook.   Be aware of the user agreements and the age limitations of the sites your child uses. 

Can I add or delete apps?
- No.  This is covered in section 6 of the Netbook/iPad Handbook.  Personal software, music, non-instructional pictures may not be stored on the iPads.

How do I clean the iPad screen?
- Never use any chemical cleaners such as glass cleaners or disinfectant wipes on the iPad.  It will degrade the screen and make it less sensitive to touch.    Ideally, use water with a lint free scratch resistant cloth (microfiber is best) to clean your iPad screen by dampening the cloth slightly. Then clean the screen using soft, even strokes.

How do I force a misbehaving app to quit?
- Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Slide to Power Off message appears. Let go of the button and then press the Home button for around six seconds.  This forces the current app to quit.

How do I reboot my child's iPad if it is having problems?
- Press and hold the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button together for about 10 seconds.  Ignore the Slide to Power Off message and the iPad will shut down.  The white Apple icon should show up on the screen for a short time if it is rebooting properly.

What do I do if my child's iPad is damaged at home?
- The device needs to be brought in to the school with your contact information and a short description of the damage.  This information can also be sent using the Student Help Desk form. 
The device needs to be reported to your child's normal classroom teacher.  More information can be found in the Netbook/iPad Handbook under section 8.

What if I have more questions?
- Many questions can be answered by referring to the Netbook/iPad Handbook.

There is also a Parent Resources page (

If the answer to your question is not in there, please, use the Student Help Desk form ( to send your questions to the tech staff at Kingsland.  We will do our best to answer them.
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