Winter can be an unpredictable time in Minnesota as we all know and sometimes school gets called off. For the districts that have e-learning days, students will need to check their school email to see what the assignment is for the day. If your school does snow days, then you are cleared for the day and get to enjoy your day at home. 

Distance Learning Tasks for January 5, 2022: 
  • Plan out lunches for a week and write down what you would have
  • Write down the birthdays of your family members
  • Clean your bedroom
  • Do a task that your parents request without complaining. What task did you do? 
For these, you can either type them out or you can write them. To get credit for today and to receive the points, I need to have some proof of the work that you did. If you type them you can send them in an email or share them with me via google drive. 

Any questions please feel free to email me or contact me through google voice at 507-218-7684. You can text or call me at this number. 


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