Questions & Answers 

Q1- How much does it cost for my child to eat at school during the 2019-20 school year?
A1- Breakfast is $1.45 per day and Lunch is $2.45 per day.
Q2- Can my preschooler ride the school bus with an older sibling home if they are in a PM preschool class? 
A2- Yes, a preschooler can ride the school bus with an older sibling. If the older sibling is not riding (ex. older child is sick for a day) the preschooler is not able to ride the bus. The reason for this is that our 3 & 4 year old preschoolers need that help from their older siblings to make sure they are getting to the right places when getting on and off the bus. 
Q3- If my child attends preschool in the morning and SACC in the afternoon can my other child in KES pick them up from SACC to get on the bus or can SACC put them on the bus? 
A3- No, a child needs to be picked up from SACC by someone on the approved pick up list to assume responsibility for the child (this person must be High School age or older). 
Q4- If my child is in the full day preschool program and is going to lunch/recess with SACC, will I be charged for the time they are with SACC?
A4- No, there will not be an additional charge. While your child is with SACC they are still considered a preschool child and that time is already figured into the monthly payments.  
Q5- What is the first day of school for my child?
A5- Your child's first day depends on the program they are signed up for:
In the 2019-20 school year:
2 Days a week- Tuesday, September 3rd
3 Days a week- Wednesday, September 4th
5 Days a week- Tuesday, September 3rd
Q6- Can I set up the Rolling Hills Bus to pick up my child through the school?
A6- No, you must contact the Rolling Hills Bus Company to get set up. The bus company is not affiliated with the school. If your child is sick or their schedule is changing it is also your responsibility to contact them to let them know you will not be needing their services. Failure to do this may result in charges from Rolling Hills. More information regarding Rolling Hills Transit can be found at:
Q7- If my child is going to be out sick who should I call?
A7- Elementary office should be called if they are out sick. If you know you are going to be gone on a vacation or for scheduled appointments advance notice is appreciated.  

Contact: Becky Bicknese