Hello and welcome to my page at Kingsland High School.

 I  will be using this page as home-base for all my distance learning activities and information for students. Most all of the content, links and information for all of my classes will be found in the individual pages linked at the left. General information on my distance learning plans, lesson plans and daily lessons can be found below. 

Quick Bits for distance/hybrid learning: 
  • Communication with students...we'll be using email, the Remind app, the Google doc and my virtual classroom
  • Content for the students...we'll be using my recorded lessons (linked in class pages at left), the online textbook and its recorded lessons and the virtual classroom. PDFs will also be emailed out when needed. 
  • Submitting work...we'll be sending emails with pictures or snips of student work 
  • Questions/Help...we'll be using the Zoom virtual classroom (link below). Email and text can also be used as needed. 
  • Weekly/Daily Lessons and Information...Each week I will update my classroom Google classroom with information about assignments, due dates and quiz dates. That Google classroom was shared with all students. 

pages updated 9/1/2020


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