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The Accuplacer test is a placement test, developed by the College Board, that is used by colleges, universities, and technical schools as an aid to determine the course placement of incoming college students. The test is customized for each educational institution and is administered by each institution itself. The test helps determine if an incoming student should be placed in freshman courses or if that student needs any developmental courses or help prior to enrolling in regular, freshman courses.

The links below will provide general information about the test, study guides for the test as well as self-assessment modules. These modules can be completed, at no cost, by the student who will then receive immediate feedback as to how they performed.  

Study Guides and Practice Tests for Accuplacer
Inside, you will find study guides, "cheat sheets", sample questions and practice tests for the ACCUPLACER test.
General test information and self-assessment modules
General Information about the ACCUPLACER, as well as self-assessment modules, can be found in here.

The modules are a great way to practice answering questions in specific math content areas in preparation for the test.

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