E-Learning Day Assignments:  January 22,2020

If you have questions on your E-Learning Day assignments, you can email, text or call.

507- 218-7190 (You will be asked to give your name and then will be connected through Google Voice. 
This number will only be answered during regular school hours.

7th Grade (American History)
Review your study guide for the quiz tomorrow.  Quiz will be over sections 1-3.

9th Grade (Civics)
Watch the video and take notes on the 5 Themes of Geography.  There will be a short quiz on Thursday about the content of this video.
Go to my google classroom page for the video.

10th Grade (American History)
 In a couple of paragraphs:
20 pts

1) Describe a 1920's flapper (appearance/attitude).  Give more information than just from 
    the textbook.

2) Explain what contributed to this change from women in the 1920s.

3) Explain the differences between the 1920's Flapper and the 1900's Gibson Girl.

4) Cite the sources used

This assignment is due Thursday.

* Reminder:  Quiz scheduled for Thursday (20's politics and economy) is still on.

7th/9th/10th grade classes:
Share your answers with me via EMAIL, a SHARED GOOGLE DOC.  or in Google classroom


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