Classroom expectations – The basic expectation is that people treat each other with decency and respect. Rules are made to assist everyone with achieving educational goals and being successful. Rules are the protection of the rights of all people in our school and society.

Mr. Mulholland’s Expectations

1. Be on time:
-  Be in the classroom when the bell rings.
-  Tardiness: Follows Kingsland policy
- Turn in homework on time.  Work turned in late will result in a lowered grade.

2. Be responsible and come to class prepared:
• Bring all necessary materials to class (textbook, notebook-binder pen/pencil.)

3. Be respectful of others:
• Listen when someone else is talking.
• Everyone’s opinion is to be respected.
• Use appropriate language.
• Raise your hand when you want to talk.
• Don’t disrupt the teaching or learning in the classroom.
• Being disrespectful will result in disciplinary action.

4. Be a productive learner:
• Listen and take notes.
• Stay on task when given an assignment.
• Work on assigned classroom material when instructed. Only when assigned work is satisfactory completed,
   may you work on assignments from another class.

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