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1. Classroom:
a)  Be responsible and come to class prepared
     Bring your textbook, 3-ringed binder/paper and pencil/pen.
      May not be allowed to go to your locker
b)  Be respectful
)  Raise your hand to answer/ask questions.
c)  Be a productive learner
     1)Teacher dismisses class, not the bell.

2. Assignments:
a)  Homework will be posted on the front bulletin board and on the
     Internet (Kingsland web site –
b)  Put your name (first and last) and class period on the right corner of
     every paper.  
c)  Completed assignments will be collected at the beginning of class.  Late completed
     work should be placed in the stackable baskets (by map).

   B) Late Assignments:
Assignments with due dates will be expected on time unless student is absent. Assignments are collected at the beginning of class.  Work completed later in the class period or day is still considered late.         
          Major assignment (more than 10 points)
          Lose 20% of the total points for each day it’s late.  After 5 days some 
          points may still be earned for the late work.
          Minor Assignments (10 points or less)
          Lose 50% the first day it’s late.  Points may still be earned for the late
    C) Make-Up Work:
    Students have two work days for each excused day absent from school to
    complete their work.  Mark absent on your paper.  Work turned in after
    the given time will be graded under the late assignment policy.
    * If your absence was unexcused—make up work is not allowed and zeros
       will be placed in the grade book.
    D) Problems:
     1) Plagiarism is turning in written work that is not yours. You copied it
         off of the  internet, or a textbook.  Essays need to be written in your
         own words. Plagiarized essays will be awarded a "zero" and
         disciplinary action taken
     2. Cheating:     
     Students caught cheating (one coping and the one who allowed them to
     copy) will receive a zero on that piece of work or test.  Disciplinary
     action will also be taken.  

3. Retakes (tests only)
Students who did not achieve the grade they desired on a test will have the opportunity to improve their grade. 
The following needs to be completed before another test is taken:
1)  Reread the material and notes.  Two hours of study before or after school must be completed.
2)  Schedule time to meet with teacher to go over student notes and key concepts
     If no class notes were taken, then student must outline key component of each
     section of the chapter..
3)  Retest must be taken before or after school.

4.  Grading:
  •  Grades in this classroom will be assigned by the total number of points earned by the student.
100-95%  = A                79-77%  = C+        62-60%  = D-
  94-90%  = A-               76-73%  = C          59% and lower = F
  89-87%  = B+              72-70%  = C-
  86-83%  = B                69-67%  = D+
  82-80%  = B-               66-63%  = D
Your completion of homework will be factored into your final class grade. 
Example:  If you are at 79.4% (C+), I will move you to a B- (79.5%) if all homework was turned in on time.  If you have turned in late assignments, the grade will stay as stated by the percentage.
Grades on the computer/internet:  Sometimes I give several variations of the same tests.  When recording your score into the computer, the score will be put under the test you took.  Test variations not taken will be marked with an (X).  This mark does affect the student’s grade.

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