Welcome to 5th Grade!

Hello my name is Mr. Brent Stinson.
I am entering my 9th year teaching.    
I teach Reading and Math to my home room, Science to all 5th grade students.                                            
Along with teaching 5th Grade, I am also the Head Varsity Football Coach and Speed/Strength Coordinator.
Along with teaching and coaching, I am pursuing my Masters Degree in Education from Chadron State College in Curriculum and Instruction.

About Mr. Stinson
Outside of school I live in Stewartville with my wife Alyssa, three kids: Ellie (5), Alex (3), and Blakely ( 8 months).

In my free time I enjoy playing at the park with my family, running and playing Slow Pitch Softball.

My favorite sports teams are: the Kingsland Knights, Dallas Cowboys, Texas Longhorns and Minnesota Golden Gophers. 

My classroom philosophy: to provide all students with a positive classroom atmosphere where students are supported, yet challenged to reach their maximum potential. 

Class Rules:
Be Kind
Be Responsible
Ask Questions

Classroom Expectations:
Good Attitude
Be Productive
Have Materials

Individual Discipline Policy:
1st Offense:  Verbal Reminder.
2nd Offense: Verbal Reminder and student is reminded of expected behavior, name on board. A student can have their name erased from the board  if they show improvement in the area of there mistake for 15 minutes.
3rd Offense:  Verbal Reminder, reminder of expected behavior, phone call/email is sent home, check next to name.
4th Offense:  Verbal Reminder, reminder of expected behavior, phone call/email is sent home, referral is sent to Administration. Name on board, two checks equals discipline referral and parent phone call.

Classroom Discipline Policy:
For every classroom misbehavior after the 1st redirection, the class will receive a letter.
When the letters hit N-O-O-N the class will sit quietly for 15 minutes after Recess.
We will then discuss our class behavior and ways to improve to help prevent N-O-O-N from happening again.

Lets have an excellent school year and thank you for your continuous effort toward the education of your student.
Feel free to contact me via email with any comments or questions.

The best time to reach me is before school from 7:30-8:00 a.m.

Contact: Mr. Brent Stinson