Work Skills Seminar: 
Students will learn how to choose a job that matches your interests, values, talents and needs. They will practice finding a job, learn skills for keeping a job. They will develop a budget, practice filling federal and state income taxes and learn to use credit responsibly.
The seminar is mandatory for all students who will be participating in a school-to-work job placement. Students have the option of taking the seminar without a job placement.

Work Skills Seminar: 
Topics that have been taught:
  1. Investigating job options that are a realistic match for you
  2. Finding a Job
  3. Keeping a Job
  4. Job Safety
  5. Managing Your Money
  6. Using Credit
  7. Paying Taxes
  8. Paying Taxes
  9. Post-secondary Education Options and Planning
  10. Finding a Place to Live
  11. Planning a Vacation
  12. Additional Life Skills‚ÄčThis has included: using community resources, nutrition and wellness, etc. and what the needs of the current students are at that time.