My name is Stephanie Hammes and I am one of the Early Childhood Special Education teachers for the Kingsland school district. I will be Co-Teaching between Mrs. Voorhees room (morning) and Ms. Schoppers room (afternoon) Monday through Friday.

This will be my second year working at Kingsland School District and my first year working as the Early Childhood Special Education teaching. As a co-teacher my role in the classroom will be to teach and provide special education services to those children that may need a little extra help. I will be a resource to any parents who may have concerns about their child’s development.


Please feel free to contact me at:

Email: hammes.stephanie@kingsland2137.org

Office Phone: 507-346-7276 ext. 1106


I am looking forward to this school year with all the fun and learning that will take place!



Stephanie Hammes